Finding Time


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Here is a highly motivational, helpful and challenging time management book which will have an appeal for young and old, professional and amateur, male and female…all of us. Practical counsel and sound advice is shared for our intimate time relationships with family, friends, God…as well as for each of us individually. The author carefully examines the scriptural emphasis on the importance of our redemptive use of time. He reminds us that time is readily available but must be “found” for those things and people who have …or should have…priority in’ our lives.
Dr. Ted W. Engstrom
Past President, World Vision

Time is a unique resource. It can’t be accumulated like money or stockpiled like raw materials. Everyone (rich or poor, male or female, old or young) is forced to spend time whether he wants to or not…at a fixed rate of 60 seconds every minute. And our time can be stolen from us by poor habits and sloppy living.
In Finding Time, author Rick Yohn reveals practical ways for all of us to keep the merely urgent from taking over the prime time of life.
Says the author, “If you want a close, abiding relationship with your children or spouse or friend, it’s going to cost you something…your time. You must commit yourself to whatever time it takes to be an effective parent or marriage partner, friend or Christian.”