Affiliate Ministries

You may be wondering, “What are Affiliate Ministries”? As a website with a Kingdom-focus, we want to make our friends aware that God has a large harvest field, and He raises up ministries that reach beyond our own vision and abilities.

These Affiliate Ministries have begun with people who have a passion to reach either specific areas of the world ( or they possess a special outreach-focus (

I’ve also included a link to a blog from, my younger son, Steve Yohn, Senior Pastor of Strasburg Community Church in Colorado. Steve has a passion for studying God’s Word, and then communicating that biblical truth in a relevant and applicable way. Steve is also a published writer, having co-authored four books (the Riley Covington Thriller Series) with Jason Elam, former kicker for the Denver Broncos.

We know the people in charge of such ministries, and have confidence that they are true to God’s Word and are helping believers in their spiritual growth.