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The year was 2006 and I just walked out of the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel to take my tour group to the Sar El Tour Bus. As I approached the bus, this young Israeli Tour Leader walked quickly toward me and said, “Pastor Rick, I am Amir Tsarfati, your Israel Tour Leader.” I smiled on the outside, but my heart sank on the inside because I thought, “What does a young guide like this know about the Bible?”

Within the hour that question and many more were answered. I couldn’t believe that this young man not only knew his country, but also had an in-depth understanding of the Scriptures. From that moment on Amir and I developed a close and warm relationship and we had him to speak at our Church in Colorado on numerous occasions.

Amir came to Christ through a friend and through the Jesus Film put out by CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ). It was shown in Jerusalem one day, and God led Amir to the theater that day.

Amir was the youngest Captain in the Israeli Defense Force, and today is a retired Major. If you would like a taste of his ability to communicate, you can find him on or on Amir travels the world teaching primarily on prophecy and how it relates to both the Church and Israel.

Later, Amir became the CEO of Sar El Tours and then began a ministry that has exploded on the social media scene called Behold Israel. In 2016, Amir asked our son Steve to write for him and today Steve is the Senior Editor for Behold Israel. They have published three non-fiction and one fiction book to date.

Two years later, Behold Israel asked me to write Bible Studies based on Amir’s videos and DVDs messages. Four Bible Studies have been published and we have four more ready to go to the printers. I have introduced the subject of each study via a short video. 

THE LINKS TO Bible Study Video

  1. The Bema Seat of Christ – 4:59 minutes –
  2. Jesus In The Old Testament – 5:01 minutes –
  3. The Mystery of the Rapture – 5:00 minutes –
  4. The Millennial Reign of Christ – 6:11 –