A Love Story From God: Study Guide Included!


In his latest book, Rick Yohn uncovers God’s love story as it emerges throughout Scripture. The love of God is seen from Genesis through Revelation. You will discover that no matter who you are, what you believe or don’t believe, the God of the Bible loves you and has paid the ultimate price for you to love Him and experience His love both in this life and the next.

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1. How can I be certain that God really loves me?
2. How can I think my way through the Bible?
3. How did we get our Bible?
4. How can I know that my Bible is trustworthy?
•  QUESTIONS ANSWERED: These and many other questions are answered throughout this book which can be used personally, with your spouse or friend, with a small group Bible Study, or even a Sunday School class. You will love using the study guide at the end of this book.
•  A SPECIAL STUDY GUIDE WITH THE BOOK: A bonus feature of this book is the inclusion of a study guide for each chapter of the book. You will discover that these 66 separate books are united by God’s relentless love for individuals, families, and nations. And when you have completed this book, you will be able to think your way through the Bible, know how we got our English Bible, and defend shy you can trust your Bible.
•  TEACHING TIPS: Rick Yohn is now in the process of developing a series of “teaching tips” for each lesson and will soon be available on this website and on youtube.com.